Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sick Fly sold out...


My short story this time, right here, published under the Sick Fly imprint of Tangerine Press is now sold out through the publisher. If you really need to have a copy, I have some contributor's copies I'd be willing to part with. $25 plus shipping.  Leave a response in the comment section if interested.

Or you could wait until Summer 2017 when I have a full collection coming out with Tangerine Press. If I can get a couple or three more stories finished. I don't know if this time, right here be in the collection. I don't make those decisions, Michael Curran, the editor of Tangerine Press does, and he's bigger than me and has a beard and knows James Kelman and I'm pretty sure he beat Oliver Reed in an arm wrestling match back in the late 90s, so I'm not telling him what to do.


Mr. Lally said...

I can't wait for the longer collection. The SF book was a fantastic read. Good luck Mr. H.

Stephen Hines said...

Thank you pLally. Michael is a good

He is an egg, right?