Monday, August 18, 2014

procrastination never pays.

Hate to be the "told you so" guy, but I told you so. You snooze, you lose (rhyming...classic writer stuff).

That's right, my chapbook from Pig Ear Press has sold out.

But not all is lost! No, faithful readers, I have some contributer's copies that I would be willing to part with, if you so desire. And why wouldn't you so desire? It's a sold out chapbook! Rare like the best steak. Or something.

If anyone wants a copy, drop me a line in the comment section. You can have it for the original price, $12, plus $4 shipping. I think that was the price, it was in British pounds before. Confusing. Plus, I'll sign it and make some sort of frenzied marks in it that I call a drawing. Most psychiatrists call it "a warning sign." Whatever.


Justine Hurder said...

did jordan order one of these already? if not, keep one aside for us and i'll paypal you.

Stephen Hines said...

special price for you!

just email me/pm on buknet your mailing addy.