Monday, August 18, 2014

procrastination never pays.

Hate to be the "told you so" guy, but I told you so. You snooze, you lose (rhyming...classic writer stuff).

That's right, my chapbook from Pig Ear Press has sold out.

But not all is lost! No, faithful readers, I have some contributer's copies that I would be willing to part with, if you so desire. And why wouldn't you so desire? It's a sold out chapbook! Rare like the best steak. Or something.

If anyone wants a copy, drop me a line in the comment section. You can have it for the original price, $12, plus $4 shipping. I think that was the price, it was in British pounds before. Confusing. Plus, I'll sign it and make some sort of frenzied marks in it that I call a drawing. Most psychiatrists call it "a warning sign." Whatever.