Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hey! Look! It's a chapbook! Get one!

Well, after a mediumish wait, it's here. After busy schedules on both mine and Mr. Lally's side, cutter issues, printer glitches and the like, this is affecting me exactly the way it should is finally ready.

Pete Lally has worked hard and tirelessly on this one, like a Labrador Retreiver on a soup bone, and his effort shows. It looks right pretty, methinks.

The book was originally meant to have three stories, but with the nature of chapbooks, the more pages, the harder it is to bind. Or fold. Or something, There's some technical reason that made sense when Pete told it to me, but now I can't remember. Just trust me on this one. Anyway, that third story may come out in some sort of special edition, we haven't discussed details yet.

this is affecting me exactly the way it should will be available for purchace on the Pig Ear Press website June 28th. Set your alarm clock and take back your empties.

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