Wednesday, June 29, 2011

oops he did it again

are you like me? do you like kitties and puppies and unicorns and whatnot?

I thought so. well, now here's your chance to help those whatnots and read some stuff and look at pretty pictures.

Mr. Lally, the mad wizard behind Alligator Stew Issue 1 is back with another Stew, this one a post card set.  and it's for charity!

Lally has exiled himself to the Island of Gozo and has taken it upon himself to save the animals! all of them!

kidding aside, all the proceeds from the sale of the issue will go to the Gozo SPCA. it's a great cause and one I'm more than happy to support, as our house has one dog, two cats, two gerbils and occasionally a goldfish. we like the critters.

all of the poetry and artwork is animal related. I have a poem and two drawings in this post card set. and there are many other great poets involved. here's a sneak peek at the great looking box that houses the set:

for more information on how to buy go to Lally's site.

do it. now. all the cool kids are doing it.