Tuesday, August 24, 2010

male pale and old

so, Jenifer Wills decided she had plenty of free time between writing chapbooks, going to university, being a mom to 4(?)kids and running a fully interactive writing forum to create a massive project: male pale and old : 16 outstanding men of the small press.

lady be crazy.

anyway, somehow I did the whole smoke and mirrors thing and got my pitiful writing ass involved. but, like always, I'm not the reason you should check this out. Jen spent tons of time getting this thing put together with, from what I can tell, quite a bit of help from our old friend Father Luke. there are plenty of names you'll recognize, some you may not, but I'm sure you'll be digging the interwebs to find more examples of their fine work.

I won't mention names here, because I want you to click this link to find out for yourself.

and I would be remiss (ha! I said remiss!) if I didn't mention that this was part 2 of Jen's project, part one being Don't Call Me Plath : 12 Outstanding Women of the Small Press.

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