Monday, June 21, 2010

MILK is coming!!!!

MILK #1 is on its way this July. I'm pleased to say I have 3 poems in it.

I get excited every time a magazine takes my work, no matter how big or small the publication is, but MILK feels different to me. I'm feeling a MILK groundswell or something. maybe it's the great lineup that Josh has pulled together, or maybe I'm swayed by the pretty website and cover that Chris has designed, I dunno. whatever the reason, I'm mighty proud to be a part of MILK's first issue and hope to be in it again someday.

I almost forgot, Bill Roberts from Bottle of Smoke Press is letterpressing the cover. so that's pretty cool, right?

anyway, to find out more about the poets, purchasing details(it's only $5!!!! plus $2 shipping) and any other of your MILK needs, click here.

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