Friday, April 23, 2010

Bottle of Smoke Press

gather around, brothers and sisters, I have some news.

no need to look concerned, it's good news.

there's a new project rumbling its way toward us. no, that's not thunder you hear, it's Bill Roberts on a Red Bull binge cranking his press to the limit, pumping that HP3600n like Secretariat on the home stretch.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you who Bill Roberts is. that's right, he's the small press warrior, publishing people like this. yep, people like Bukowski, Ferlinghetti and Brautigan.

and now, you can add to the list.......ME!

fucking hell! stop laughing! he really is publishing me! no, I'm not sure why. a moment of weakness on his part, I'm sure. but he hasn't backed out yet.

but here's the best part: I'm sworn to secrecy! Bill has great plans for this project and the design is something special so I can't spill the beans. all I can tell you is, um, well, maybe I'll let Bill tell you.


Please just don’t tell them what it will look like. Maybe mention that it will be 5 single story books by five writers with 5 unique and unusual covers, all hardbacks bound in 1/4 cloth over boards, contained in a custom clamshell that is also unique. All copies are signed by the authors and all copies include original artwork or handwritten poems by the authors.

thanks Bill. sounds great.

hey, Bill! can you tell us which authors are involved?

Yes. Of course….

They are (in Alphabetical Order):


Soheyl Dahi

Stephen Hines

Hosho McCreesh

Michael J. Phillips

thanks again Bill.

how about the price. Bill?


seems Bill's gone.

anyway, the price is $200, plus $5 shipping. believe me, it's worth it. you can either paypal Bill ASAP: bill(at), or you can wait until Bill has a link on his website.

anyway, it's bound to be a special project that will be snapped up by collectors. and haven't you always wanted to be called a collector?

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