Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Larding by Chance Press

so, a few weeks ago, Jordan Hurder from Chance Press asked if I could help out with a new project he and Justine are working on called Tirez a la ligne, Celine, an experiment in larding. Jordan had to explain it to me. it's a process of taking two lines of existing text (in this case from Louis Ferdinand Celine), and having 2 writers take turns adding lines between each other in the expanding text.

Jordan explains it much better than I can.

anyway, Jordan and I tried our hand at a couple, and our writing really fit well together and the whole process was fresh and quite exciting. luckily Jordan and Justine agree.

so, I'm very pleased to say Chance Press will be publishing me again. well, I'm more than pleased but I'm trying to maintain some decorum and not ruin my street cred. because as you all well know, I'm all about street cred.

details here, via the Chance Press website.

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