Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alligator Stew

my friend across the pond, Mr. Lally, took it upon himself to solicit submissions, print and send out a small press lit mag in the span of a month.

well he did it. and no, it doesn't look like a pile of toilet paper held together with glitter glue. it looks good. real good, in fact.

look at the picture up there! there's someone with sensitive poet hands giving it a thumbs up! I mean, he can't be wrong, can he?

anyway, am I schilling this out of the goodness of my heart? no, of course not. I'm in it! 2 poems and a large drawing. and while my work is enough reason for you to buy this (stop snickering, please. and spit out that gum), it also features some other fine poets: Harry Calhoun, Dave Donovan, Father Luke, Jenifer Wills, justin.barrett, David Barker and others. even Mr. Lally makes an appearance or 2. vain bugger.

you can find out how to buy one here, and learn all about Alligator Stew's epic journey to fruition here.