Thursday, August 06, 2009

chapbook now on sale

well, the trade edition of my chapbook, the confusion will be enough for them to leave you alone, is now on sale.

the deluxe edition won't be available until late September (?).

so here's what I think you should do: buy the trade edition now, read it, and then decide you can't live without the deluxe edition. because, trust me, you can't live without the deluxe edition. Justine and Jordan at Chance Press are pulling out all the stops on this baby.

buying info, tons of pics, and kind words here.

and remember what the kids say: Buy two to keep from being blue!

at least I think the kids say that. or maybe it's: Fuck you poet boy! Get a real job! And get a haircut! You're too old to have hair like that! Is it a wig?

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