Tuesday, May 12, 2009

why no new poems?

just wanted to leave a quick note as to why there haven't been new posts recently....

the poems I've been writing lately are for the chapbook coming in the fall (not summer as previously planned, but that gives me and j&j at chance press time to make it extra awesome!) and I want the poems to be fresh. oven fresh, not warmed up in the microwave. the microwave would just make them tough and chewy, and nobody wants that.

however, there are a couple of things I've written that I don't plan for the chapbook, so look for those in the next few days. all 2 of you reading this.


Anonymous said...

Nobody cares. Those 2 are gone.

Chicago Dave said...

Anonymous - U R so awsum !!!

Slice 'n' dice that BIOTCH - lol

u rawk but these lamers can't even find the keys -
not the principal
not the guidance counselor
or your step-mom's pharmacist
and especially stephen hines.

hey - maybe your stpm's phrmcst
really IS stephen hines !
Dude - did you see that ?
I totally just said that !)