Saturday, September 06, 2008


after 12 a.m. I expect it. the cabbie says Where you headed? I say Dartmouth.
the cabbie says I don’t go to Dartmouth, it’s out of my zone. the next cabbie
stops and looks me up and down and up again to show who’s boss and asks Are
you gonna puke in my car? I don’t think so, I say. the car pulls off, some
cabbies only deal in absolutes. the next cab pulls up and stares and says
Where would you like to go? and me? I’m a quick learner, I say Where are
you going? and he says I asked you where you’re going. and we stare at each
other, Santa glint in our eyes, out waiting each other, gunslinger style,
redefining eternity. we can’t die if we don’t stop asking questions, can we?

from my chapbook, the confusion will be enough for them to leave you alone published by Chance Press, 2009.

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