Monday, April 21, 2008


when the last one died, the dog, he
said That’s it. no more. meaning dogs,
no more dogs. no matter how we try to
convince him, no more.
we try to tell him it’ll keep him company,
lower stress lower blood pressure
he has trouble with his blood pressure
he still says No more.
well usually says no more. sometimes
after a drink or 2 he’ll say It wouldn’t be
a lap dog or a yappy dog if I got one, it’d
be a dog dog. and then he’ll say But I just
can’t see watching another one die I don’t
know if I could handle that I love dogs so
and we leave it at that, who could argue
with that?
but one afternoon after no drinks in the rain
before supper he says It won’t be long before
I’m 70 maybe I’ll get one when I turn 70.
and we sit in the quiet for a while, me watching
him doing the math in his head.

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