Sunday, March 09, 2008

a wishful biography

there’s a tiny dictionary on my desk
Zippo dimensioned but thicker.
pg. 303 is my favourite:

in-sub-or’di-nate refusing to obey
in-sub-stan’tial slight; not real
in’su-lar of or like an island
in’su-late cut off from surroundings; surround (wire, etc ) with non-conducting material
in-su’per-a-ble that cannot be overcome or passed over
in-sur’gent rebel
in-sur-rec’tion rising in open resistance to authority
in-tan’gi-ble (-tanj-) that cannot be touched or grasped by the mind
in’te-ger (-tej-) whole number
in’te-gral of or necessary to a whole

in western movies or novels
the cowboys used pages of the bible or
dictionaries as paper to roll their cigarettes
something about the texture
or pliability.

they can’t have 303. ride on tex.

although they probably wouldn’t want it
it’s too small.


Daurade said...

I've actually used bible pages to roll joints--the textless pages cuz I didn't want to smoke the ink not out of any fear of sacrilege. We burnt a bible once and one our crew balanced the smoldering thing on his head as he dribbled vomit. True story.

Good poem. Page 303 will now be a permanent part of my pesonal vocab. Meaning to be determined later.

Petra said...
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