Saturday, March 01, 2008


didn’t like to be called
Laurence. it was Laurie.

to everyone except this
one girl. she called him Laurence.

and it made the rest of us
nervous, because you just don’t.

but no, he was ok with it, maybe liked
it some, and she knew he liked it some.

he seemed to like it, or maybe he was too
busy staring holes in her shirt to notice.

and maybe she letting him stare holes into her
shirt made him choose not to notice.

but it didn’t matter after this one day, this
fight between them, unfair in a way.

unfair, not that he was bigger and stronger
and louder and uglier.

but unfair that she watched him be bigger and
and stronger and louder and uglier.

and then unloaded with this: Yeah? well
Laurie’s a fucking girls name.

see? unfair. but in the quiet and the noise
and the quiet that followed, nature returned

to its unfair balance.

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