Sunday, March 09, 2008

is there something wrong?

of course there’s something wrong
I’m still here and I shouldn’t be, not
that you and I didn’t have a connection,
we did, sure we did, and when I say
there’s something wrong I don’t mean
anything’s your fault, of course it’s
not, if anything, it’s me, I’m the one
to blame.
and not to say what you and I did was
wrong, of course not, nature is nature,
you can’t argue with biology, or chemistry
or whatever, I don’t know, I was never
good at science, the rules seemed too strict
or something, but maybe I was looking at
it with the wrong attitude, going into it
with negativity instead of an open mind,
science I mean, not you and I, what you
and I have is romance, true romance in the
dictionary sense, it defies science and when
I said it was my fault all I meant is it was my
fault that we are doomed for a love worthy of
Shakespeare, and I swear I’ll stay until morning
to see if I was right.

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