Saturday, March 08, 2008


I’d like to be remembered
but not be remembered as I am.
does that make sense?
make something up
something with sharks and alligators and
women who are double jointed and such.
not that the sharks and alligators and
double jointed women
have to cohabitate.
I’m not a tyrant
just a little strange.
not that double jointed women
who live with alligators and
sharks are strange. I am.
I thought I made that clear.
are you saying I can’t make
a lucid point?
I’m the poet, motherfucker,
maybe you’re the one with the problem?
can’t understand a simple sentence.
but it’s my funeral
let’s not fight.
let us bow our heads
and remember the poet
who walked this temporary earth
with alligators and sharks and
double jointed women.

originally published in MILK, #1


aNa said...

may be is good a big fight in a funeral...
I wan´t a boring funeral (the mine, of course)
I like your site. Aun cuando no entiendo muy bien ni hablo tampoco english

Father Luke said...

I’d like to be remembered
but not be remembered as I am.

That's a great line.

- -
Father Luke

hoochmonkey9 said...

thank you, padre.