Saturday, February 09, 2008

patti smith, I like her, you?

patti smith

is waiting for the Lexington Avenue train
it’s 1974 and the hand not clutching her notebook
is at her hair pulling and separating the strands
she’s asking everyone if she looks like Keith Richards
Do you think I look like Keith Richards? she asks it’s 1974
and no one is listening but she keeps asking
sure that someone will agree and that one person
is all that matters but no one is listening and All I want is art she
says and I want to make it, you know? I want to be somebody and
Patti is looking into the tunnel, raising her hands to shield her
eyes against the light of the oncoming train and the shirt she’s
wearing rises up and people are looking at the scars on her belly
like scrawls of her poetry and it’s 1974 and people are looking at
her belly
at the lines of struggle and pain and loss scribbled there
her greatest work
people are looking at her people are
don’t you see?


1 comment:

Jo said...

Holy crap that is amazing! That is one of my favourite pictures of her - I have it in two books, and I loooooove that her tummy is showing! You're the only person I've encountered that even noticed it!