Sunday, January 06, 2008

new poem with explanation

here's a new poem that I'll never send out to a mag so I'll post it here. I'm not anti-american (the current government, yes, but not America), but this poem reads as anti-american. maybe i watched too much tv that day. bad habit.
the U.S. has flaws, but a country that big is bound to. strains on health care, education, etc.
idiot quotient is raised based on population?
I dunno.
anyway, if there are any U.S. citizens reading this, vote differently.
christ, shut up! politics aren't your strong point, poet boy!
here's the poem...


is cities of
cockroach skyscrapers
and tvs that don't blink
and refrigerator doors
that can't close
not don't but can't
and borders that are
full of people bulging
to get in.

1 comment:

David LaBounty said...

i like the line

tv's that don't blink