Thursday, August 09, 2007

bukowski contest winner.

this poem won a "write Bukowski's last poem" contest run by Ecco Press, Buk's current publisher. so, it's written in Bukowski's voice, not mine. but you probably figured that out already.
I always forget how clever you are!

First Place

"that's it"

no one
is at my door
with a six pack
or ringing me on the phone
to see if they can come over
to show me some pomes
they're sure I'll love
all the horses
and whores
have run out
li po and hem and dos
are gone and sibelieus and
jeffers are gone
mozart and
mccullers are gone and
I'm left here
with my cats
in this room
to finish this glass
and watch the window
to see
if the sun
goes down
in an unusual

- Stephen from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia