Saturday, November 04, 2006

modern drunkard

here's a couple of poems that were published in Modern Drunkard Magazine , June 2003.

bathroom ettiquette
the bathtub is a good spot to
sit and think and drink. but
whatever you do don't let the
empty beer bottles float around
you like ducks because that causes
your wife to yell and scream about
you being nothing but a drunk and
doing nothing with your life and
makes her grab her keys and wallet
and leave with the door banging.
makes her sit in the car with the
engine running and the doors
locked and you in a towel pleading
with her for a half hour or more,
so long the neighbours get
tired of watching, and finally she
comes in but won't talk to you just
to her mother and for days it's like
this and when she finally does talk to
you you wish she hadn't so do your
self a favour and use a glass and hide
the bottles behind the toilet tank or
better yet take showers.

last call
so, the taste of hemlock? I don't know
but it couldn't be so bad. Socrates made
it look like a whiskey sour, happy hour
at his trial, waving his glass around and
using it to emphasize a point, teaching
to the bitter end, maybe hemlock is
bitter? I don't think so, that would make
too much sense, poetically, a bitter death,
etc., we try to put a personality on death,
make it evil or justified, but it isn't, you
know, it just is, benign, but even that
suggests something, which we don't mean
to do, it, like history, is innocent, but even
that gives it a quality, which we know it
doesn't have, qualities, good or bad, I'm
sure this is something Socrates knew, or
the hemlock wouldn't have been like a
whiskey sour but a shot of tequila.

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