Saturday, November 04, 2006

hold the phone, no drinking in this one, what will my public think?

i don't always write about drinking. sometimes i write about wanting to be drinking...this one was taken by Prairie Fire in their Winter 1999 issue, Vol. 19, No. 4.

van Gogh's chairs

he came over and I had no
idea of how to get rid of him
I've never been good at that
I'm too worried about what people think of me
to be rude.
but he was something
he wouldn't shut up
his mouth kept going and
wouldn't stop that happens sometimes when it's
not connected to the brain.
he started on about art he found out I like van Gogh
and he went Have you ever stopped to consider van
Gogh's subjects his shoes for example empty vessels
see? and his chairs. always empty. I think it's
interesting that he chose so often to paint empty
chairs and empty shoes and I think that tells a lot
about a painter as a person don't you?
I didn't say anything and he kept on about it and
finally that
was that
and I thought of something
I can't remember what
I'm sick
I have to go to work
something that didn't offend him
and he left.
me and van Gogh have the same
about our chairs.

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