Saturday, September 09, 2006

pure vanity

well, of course the reason I created this blog was to self promote....someone has to do it, and the volunteers ain't knocking down my are some poems...


ww2 in
Italy a hot
afternoon under an
olive tree playing
poker using olives as
chips. in the dusk
when the sun is low and almost gone and
so is most of the money hands go into the
tree for more.
they think they can't be seen.
rustle and small
pooms when the olives hit the ground
like bombs not close
but close enough.
everyone small and
quiet and watching
each other and
someone lies and says it's
getting too dark to
play anyhow.

originally published in The Fiddlehead Spring 1999 No. 199


I got old
somehow without me
knowing they must have snuck up on me and
backed me into a corner and pushed me around and
given me a couple of punches to the gut and
a few to the head
enough to cause amnesia maybe and it all
happened so fast I didn't get a good look at them
sorry but they showed me their teeth
jesus those teeth
so what could
I do?

originally published in The Prairie Journal 1998. No. 30

the art of self defence

I was younger and anytime I got into
a fight I would just cover
my eye and say
o jesus hold it you got me in the eye.
no matter where I got hit or if I got
hit at all. always stopped the fight.
kids take blindness
very seriously.

one time my friend
the class bully
hell knows why he picked me for a friend
anyway sometimes
he would come to my defence. he didn't want to
fight my fights
that wasn't his style and I think if it
came right down
to it
he wouldn't have minded seeing me
drummed on for entertainment
sometimes recess could be boring but
at least he always made the
effort to help he would tell everyone
hey he had an operation he's got tubes in his ears.
that worked pretty well.
no one knew what it meant but
it sounded serious enough so
they just stared
and tried to see the tubes and
I would wander
and I know what you're thinking
what a lousy way
to cheat
through childhood.

originally published in ink magazine, volume three, number 4 ,1998

love and happiness

she knew everything there was
to know about him. all of it.
much of it she really didn't care about
or didn't want to know or didn't make
much sense to her
but there it was.
the effort made.
of her, he just knew the outline.
the details were sketchy just
shadows and forms of general ideas and
she never tested him on it for fear
of the truth but
she already knew that too.

originally published in Jones Av. v/1 sept. 1998.


argument we argue sometimes there's
arguments. normal. what it's about
isn't important not really we're
just exchanging blame like tennis
but something different this time.
she says it's yourself you're angry
at not me because you're not the person
you want to be you're not swimming
you're barely floating the water's
at your nose but you think if you
let go of the sides you might sink
so you just go on barely floating
and treading water in circles.

and the argument's over.

originally published in Jones Av. vol/1, sept. 1998.

a phonecall

and it was his wife after their
fight and he said
Funny. I thought I didn't have a wife
anymore. I remember someone saying that to me.
and she said Cut it out and he said You must
have a wrong number because my wife is long
gone. she said Come on, cut it out. I didn't
mean those things. let's put it behind us.
Us? there's no us. I have no idea who
you are, he said and she was quiet and then crying
and said You're taking this too far
and he said I sure did.

originally published in The Antigonish Review, number 120, 2000.

ok, that's enough for tonight...I have half a bottle of wine left and typing makes me spill...

well sure, here it is...Saturday night and I create a blog...about time, too. there's only 47 people left on the planet that don't have a blog. Queen Elizabeth has a blog..."Hello, I'm the Queen...and you're not...Good Charlotte rulz." well, maybe the Queen doesn't like Good Charlotte...she seems more old school, perhaps Def Leppard?
ah well, I didn't mean to pick on the Queen.