Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Just read that Marquez has died. A great writer with a stunning imagination that will never be equaled in his genre, he left a large impression on me, especially with One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Here's a poem I wrote some years ago one afternoon while I was looking out my window thinking about that novel.

As you can see, I'm no Marquez. But who is?

call someone

my house is tall and when I’m sitting at my computer I can look out and see the roof of the house across the street. the eaves troughs are retaining water, plants are growing there. it reminds me of that part in One Hundred Days of Solitude where it rained for four years and vegetation sprouted from the mechanisms of tractors. but this is not Mexico. our winters here can be cold. the water will freeze and the eaves troughs will turn to block ice and the weight of it will pull away from the house and land on somebody. killing them instantly. I don’t want that. Gabriel Garcia Marquez doesn’t want that on his conscience. get a professional or get a ladder yourself and go up there and clear out whatever is blocking the downspout. please. literature is depending on you.


Originally published in Alligator Stew, Issue Three, 2012.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

not swampy, really. just trying to be clever.

You know me. I like pants, morning doves and a nice walk through a swampy area that has a lot of greenage so you're not sure if it's a swamp or a park, but you really want it to be a park even though in the back of your mind you know it's a swamp...but there's a part of you saying "Yes. it's a swamp, but at least you're out walking like a human being. And would it kill you to smile every once in awhile?"

Yes, I like all that. But ya know what I also like? To be published, and to have people buy what I've published.

My story honeymoon is available in the latest volume of Regime magazine. Buy it now. It's like a walk in a swamp-like park, but better.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

chapbook still available

I just checked the Chance Press store and saw that there are still trade copies of my first chapbook, the confusion will be enough to for them to leave you alone, for purchase. And they are on sale! Who doesn't like a bargain?

Who I ask! Right, no one. But it was a rhetorical question, really. So everybody simmer down. What are we? Animals?

Anyway, go buy one. Or two.

Here's one of the poems from the collection. All eight pieces are prose poems, one block of text. I wrote several in a short span of time and they all seemed to fit well together. But you be the judge, you know, after you buy one.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Regime Magazine release date

A post or so ago I mentioned that an Aussie magazine took one of my short stories, honeymoon. At that time I wasn't sure of the release date. Well, I am now.

February 12th. Which is a busy day for me. I get my braces off, a full body henna tattoo of a mythical unicorn/minotaur battle and a weave put in my hair. I'm thinking extensions.

Busy day indeed.

Friday, September 27, 2013

continental domination

Everyone who knows me knows the only reason I write is to have something published in every continent on earth. No "posterity" or "immortality" or "I write because I have to, the words just flow out of me."

Nope. I write for continental domination, like some crazed, upstart despot.

And now with Australia's Regime Magazine crumbling to my will, I can claim another land mass. That makes 3 out of 7 continents.

Look out Antarctica, you're next.

The kind folks at Regime took my short story honeymoon for their next issue, due out sometime around November. The story is based on an incident that happened at a cottage party after my high school graduation some 25+ years ago, although I substituted a mother and daughter for my two friends. But that's all you'll get out of me! No spoilers here! You'll have to wait to read it to find out the thrilling adventure! Or subtle ennui.

I'll post ordering info as it becomes available.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

coming soonish!

Mr. Lally over at Pig Ear Press has for some reason lost his senses and agreed to put out a chapbook with three of my short stories.

the title? thanks for asking. I'm thinking of going with things are affecting me exactly the way they should.

you're right, that is awesome.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Literary Mary Journal Too

this was originally intended to be a print journal, but as is the case with many small press endeavors, it fell upon hard times. still, Jenifer Wills stuck with it and put it all together and posted it on

I have four poems in it. it's 99 pages long, so even if you don't like my writing, you might find something that strikes your fancy. give it a look:

Literary Mary Journal Too.